The Water Pots

The water pot you see in the photo is the one you will receive!

These water pots are individually hand crafted, the crystalline glaze effect is as individual as we are. Our water pots are handmade from porcelain clay and glazed in a crystalline glaze,  making the perfect container for storing water.

The two filter options each give 12 months or 2000 litres of clean drinking water.

Doulton Super Sterasyl® system removes virtually all contaminants from tank water as well as chlorine and aluminium from town water supply; however it does NOT remove fluoride.

SCP Fluoride Plus™ removes all the same contaminants listed above but WILL remove the fluoride from your drinking water.

You can select this option in the order box above.

The water pot has an overall volume of approximately 13 litres, variations is due to it being hand made. The reservoir holds about ten litres of ready to drink water.

The well which holds the filter and the unfiltered water, holds approximately 2 litres and will drip through at about one litre per hour.

The water pots are approximately 250 mm wide and 550 mm in height including the ceramic stand. However, please contact us if you need exact measurements as each pot is unique and will differ slightly.

Delivery Time: Please allow one to two weeks for delivery

**Because our products are 100% handmade our measurements are approximate and glaze and crystal formation is  individual to each piece**