Handmade in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Queensland, Australia

Fermenting foods is a long time tradition for every one to enjoy. Fermented foods tend to be packed full of health benefits and probiotic properties. Therefore making fermentation crocks a great gift for yourself or others who are interested in healthy foods. It is so easy to transform simple, natural ingredients into delicious health-boosting dishes.

Our fermentation pots are designed to hold cabbage and vegetables as they ferment. The fermentation pots are stoneware fired and include the weight stones. The approx. volume the pot can hold is 2.5l or one very big cabbage.

The pots work by firstly placing all the vegetables in, covering with water, spices or other ingredients in your own recipe and weighing the ingredients down with the weight stones. It is when the vegetables are fully submerged, that the fermentation magic will begin to happen. It is always important to ensure the lid is placed securely on top, eliminating outside air from entering. Also, if possible, to cover the crock with a cloth to further eliminate outside air from entering.

Take a look at the ranges below, each one is made with intention, and is a unique creation.