Weekend workshops (2 day) for pottery clubs or for groups (limit of six) at my studio.

The 2 Day workshops covers clay preparation; throwing; turning and finishing for crystal glazing; setting up glazes for spraying; and firing the kiln. Also covers basic crystal glaze recipes and triaxial blending.

Classes are available as an extra for Homestay Guests. Four hour sections, morning or afternoon or both if you like!

Price on application.

Throwing Class

Classes for the beginner to the professional. Learn to to throw, join multi piece pots, improve your technique and learn the tricks to repetition throwing. Learn to use a rapid drying technique, and understand the workings of functional wear such as how to make a tea pot work.

Glaze Workshop

Glaze workshop covers basic crystal glazes and copper red glazes; how to adjust a base recipe for your clay and kiln; putting together a triaxial blend and their uses in colour development.