Handmade Gravity Porcelain Water Purifiers | Peter Wallace Pottery

The pots are hand thrown on the potter’s wheel using high quality Australian Porcelain Clay by renowned Queensland Potter Peter Wallace known for his superb forms and outstanding glazes who has been potting since 1972.

The Crystalline Glazes

Crystalline Glazes, with their often stunning large crystals forming canopies of coloured snowflakes over the glaze surface, have many devotees and collectors. This glaze type, one of the most recent achievements in ceramics, was developed in England at the turn of 20th century, but discarded then because the high fluidity caused difficulties in firing, resulting in very high losses.
The crystals are formed by the interaction of a number of minerals with silica (the glass former) and zinc (the flux). Crystal development occurs during the cooling cycle, with a wide variety of shapes and sizes from the microcrystal, similar to advent urine, to the microcrystal which can be up to 75 mm across. Colour is derived from the addition of various metal oxides – iron oxide, copper oxide, cobalt oxide manganese dioxide.
The pots come in a range of colours, Blue, Green, White, Pink, Gold, Nickle and combinations of two colours.