Mary Valley Water Pots

Handmade in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Queensland, Australia

Every one of these ceramic pots are an individual creation. There are no two that are the same. They are handmade from Australian clay and raw glazing materials. Mary Valley range is a boutique collection for our customers to have a "one off " water pot.

Start enjoying the benefits of filtered water today! All pots are designed as gravity fed water filters. These water filters will remove virtually all impurities and keep your water cool. The taste is incomparable to any other mass-produced filter. Protect the health of your family and provide an excellent water source.

The Mary Valley range has been designed to compliment your home. Just like an art piece, the water filter can serve as a beautiful focal point in your home or kitchen. The glaze is made from completely natural materials and has been designed to reflect the beauty of nature.

Explore the range today!