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Crystalline Water filter/purifiers

water filter -green crystalline vase

These water filters come in a range of colours. Price includes post Australia, $5.00 extra for WA SA TAS.
Porcelain Crystalline Water Purifier Fluoride Plus™
with Standard Filter
The ceramic water purifiers remove virtually all impurities including giardia, chlorine and fluoride, with a 12 month ROYAL DOULTON SUPER STERYSIL filter or a 12 month SCP FLUORIDE PLUS™ water filter.

The Fluoride Plus™ is the perfect water filter to choose when fluoride is added to municipally treated water and you wish to remove the fluoride. The Fluoride Plus™ filter is the same size as the Doulton - 5 inch - and will fit any of our old purifiers and just about any other gravity systems including Durand, Waterco, Stefani, Pozzani and Australis.

The SCP FLUORIDE PLUS™ is brand new on the market and imported from England. It removes far more impurities than the royal doulton water filter including fluoride, chloramines, heavy metals and volatile organic compounds.


Water filter - blue crystalline glazeWater filter showing filterWater filter - view of filter from top

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