Peter Wallace Pottery and The Potter's Place Homestay Accommodation

Peter with copper red glazed pot pete with aquamarine pot


It was then time for Peter to pay his dues in hard labour. He joined Beechmont Pottery, a production pottery staffed by Americans who had come to Queensland partly for the work, partly for the surf. 

crystalline glazes of various hues

One of those was John Durand, who was to have a significant influence on Peter’s development as a potter.


“For every potter who wants to throw, starting in production pottery is best. You learn to minimise your movements,” Peter says. 


terracotta planters

“When I arrived I could make only 100 coffee mugs a day,” he says, adding that he can now produce that quantity in just two hours. Through practice -- he handled three quarters of a tonne of clay a day--- his natural abilities were stretched and honed. His reputation for throwing clay into perfect shapes was established. 


POt with green glaze

Later he established a pottery at nearby Nerang  where he pioneered a white glaze with a green and pink spray. It was in striking contrast to the sombre Japanese-influenced hues that then dominated Australian pottery.  


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